Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Collecting Eggs

Here is a Dark Brahma in the basket next to a bunch of eggs in the bookcase nest box. The hen is hot and she is panting with her beak open. Poor Baby. I'm surprised and pleased that the hens have taken to the bottom nest box and are laying their eggs there instead of on the dirt. There was one egg in the basket under the hen. I will check back later to see if this hen laid the egg and was just setting or if she is going to lay an egg.
These three were in the top nest box
There was one egg under this broody Golden Lace Wyandotte.
She is so pretty!
And this egg was in the large bottom nest box. See, I really do need to add some more straw to the boxes. But it is so hot I get dizzy out there. Kristine is home so I should be able to get to sleep earlier tonight and get up when it is cooler. I found a bunch of paint and I have been thinking of painting the chicken coop and pen. My first thought was to let the white paint finish falling off and then stain the wood. But that is going to take too long. My brother made this pen and coop originally as a dog pen, and he made it from old horse fencing that was painted white. I really don't like the white, but I may decide to go with it and paint the whole thing white. The door is white, so that would work. Maybe?

I added a comment box in the sidebar that will even translate the comments. How cool is that. I tried it out and it worked, so if it gets used I will keep it in the side bar. Seems like a lot less bother than all the clicking around the regular way.

[11 eggs today]
So far...
(another egg in the basket = 12 eggs today!)


Jennifer said...

How neat. We had planned on getting chickens this year but it just didn't happen, too many bills and too little time. Oh well, maybe next year!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I fix nice nest boxes for my hens and they use everything but those! A dozen eggs a day! Way to go!