Monday, July 27, 2009

One Of These Eggs Is Different

Before I locked up the hens tonight I checked for eggs because I was hoping for an even dozen, but these were all for today. The hen that poked a hole in the egg didn't break the membrane of the egg, so technically I should have been able to use the egg, but I didn't want to take the chance. I have gotten sick once eating an off egg. Never eat an egg if there is a strange odor. Good Grief! You would think I would know better!

I found this basket at a local garage sale and I just love using it to collect eggs. I don't know if all egg baskets collapse like this, but it certainly makes dealing with the eggs very easy and fun.

This is a little gift that will be sent of to Rhiannon tomorrow. There are some sun bonnets in it that used to belong to Kristine and Kathleen when they were little girls. Hope Rhiannon likes them. Kristine and especially Kathleen had such fair skin that I was afraid to let them out in the sun without being covered in suntan lotion.

I remember one time I let Kathleen go to a swiming party with someone and she came back with a horrible sunburn. And I had to take Kristine to the doctor three times after going swimming without me. After that I couldn't trust that anyone else but me would make sure the girls had sun protection so the girls didn't get to go to some places. I have trust issues.

Tom brought home dinner! The perfect meal for me to serve on a hot day. My brain is melting! Everyone can get a paper plate and serve themselves! Yesterday Kristine got hot dog fixings. It is too hot and I don't get hungry or want to eat until late evening when it starts to cool down. But pizza works. Cold potato salad sounds good, but it is too hot to cook and I don't like store bought potato salad. Picky me!
Look what Kristine found behind the sugar container! The potatoes are sprouted and ready for planting. Well, I wanted some plants and all the time the little darlings were hiding out back there. I'll stick them in the ground in the green garden tomorrow and see what happens.

One of my neighbors told me that there is some kind of critter out and about our area that came over her anchor fence and vomited up half a squirrel and then vomited up the other half on the other side of the fence. Yuk! So, we have a critter big enough to eat a squirrel and go over a six foot fence. Evidently the critter had problems with eating the squirrel? Bad squirrel?

[11 eggs today]


lisa said...

I know what you mean about eggs, I always had to break open the egg in a seperate bowl to make sure it was good, my son would collect eggs from all over the yard from our free range chickens and would never know if it had been there for months days etc.

Lisa said...

Oh I hope the day comes where I get more than 3 eggs a day lol. I am so envious about you getting ELEVEN!!! wow thats great stuff!
Let us know what happens with the taters!

Tanya said...

Yuck. I don't want to meet the critter or the half a squirrel! Coyote?

Kathleen said...

We got the little package. It's wonderful and Rhiannon loves it! Wow! Who makes that pizza?! We have very boring pizza here. I LOVE the look of all that stuff on there!