Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost Bat

This Golden Lace Wyandotte is perched on a planter box that has chew marks from the horse my brother had for his daughter. I tried using the box as a planter but the chickens thought that the plants were a treat just for them. The plants didn't last very long. One nice thing about having the horse was that he pounded all the leaves into dust. Having a horse around would save me a lot of raking.
Last night Kristine found a bat in her room. This is the 7th or 8th bat she has had to get out of the loft area where she has her room. Usually, she just opens the slider up and the bat will do a few turns around the room, find the open door and make an exit. But last night this poor little bat stayed clinging to the top beam in the room. She finally gave up, left the slider open and slept in another room. We didn't see the bat today so we hope it left. This bat is a Western Pipistrelle and here is some information about the bat and a better photo. The young are born in June and we think this is a very young bat. Hope he went home.
Some of the chickens came up on the porch to join Morgan this afternoon. It was very hot and Morgan and the hens were panting. I wish I could make it cooler for them. The chickens we have are breeds that are supposed to do well in hot or cold weather and they do manage to stay healthy and keep laying during the extremes of weather.

We have been hearing a rooster crowing this week and we are wondering if that Polish chicken Kristine found and that we gave to our neighbor turned out to be a rooster. I'm going to have to make a call and find out. This is a neat rooster. It doesn't crow early in the morning and the crow is pretty quiet. Maybe we could borrow it sometimes?

[7 eggs today]

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lisa said...

Sounds like you handled the bat problem very well!! Hope it is gone!