Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Control!

Morgan was barking so I went outside to find out what was going on and I spotted this egg when I walked up to the pen. That hen has no control! Tom says she just stops wherever and whenever and lays her egg. I think it is an Australorp hen who has the control issue. The egg is wet when it is laid and so the dirt side of this egg needed washing. It is soooo much nicer when the hens lay their eggs in the straw. I never did find out what Morgan was upset about.

Kristine was out checking on Morgan also and she picked up a couple of Orpingtons just because she could. She called me over to see this hen because she said the hen must weigh at least ten pounds. Our Orpingtons are such calm birds. Sweet chicken. When Kristine put the hen on the ground and kept ahold of her sides all the hen did was sidestep slowly and stretch her wings a few times. Kristine said that this was an example of an Orpington having a panic attack. Kristine is so funny!

After I hung up the clothes, I took a photo for no good reason other than I like how the clothes look drying out on the clothesline. I like how the clothes smell all outdoorsy and fresh. And I like clothespins especially the old timey ones. I'll take a photo of some of the ones I have that came with the old old clothespin bag that Tom found. I even have one with a wire around the top so the pin won't split. And here is a YouTube video that made me laugh. How to hang your wash properly here. I think I failed.

[12 eggs today]

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