Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost and Found Hen

Look what Kristine found on her way to work! She drove past the chicken and had to make a turn and come back, but the chicken was still there and didn't try to make a get away into the bushes. Kristine walked up to it and said, "Boy, you're a mess!" and the chicken just sat down. Kristine said the chicken sat on her lap as she drove back home. Our neighbor agreed to take the chicken. Pretty neat! She has a lovely cool dark barn where this poor frazzled bird can have some quiet time to recover. The chicken has feathers missing on one wing, so maybe there was a dog attack?

Later on the way to work, Kristine said she saw a bunch of dead chickens on one of the side streets. But she said those chickens look like they had been dead for a few days. Strange, because they weren't there yesterday. Hard to figure out exactly what is going on in the chicken world. We would have like to have kept this pretty chicken but our 18 hens would have given her a hard time and she looked like she has had enough trouble.

These three hens crack me up. They are the early roosters. The rest of the hens are still out in the woods, by the side of the pen, or inside the pen eating a late snack, but these girls want to make sure they get a spot on the top roost. Nothing like camping out early! On the left of the roost you can see where I opened this side of the nest box by cutting the chicken wire away. I will have to cut the opening a bit larger next time I have the power saw hooked up. Or not. Depends on if they get in the box or not. Some of them like little spaces.
Today I spent more time in my little garden with Morgan helping as I brought in a wheel barrow full of chicken dirt and put it in the other planting area. I got this area cut back so now I can see the bird bath my little fake stream.

Morgan is a wonderful dog. She is 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4th Australian Shepherd. The first dog I remember having was a blue spotted Australian Shepherd. Morgan is a mix of all the best characteristics of both breeds. She was named snow by the breeders, but she has slowly developed her black spots. Here are two links to information and photos about Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.

[6 eggs today]



Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I hope my chicken will take to a coop and come back to roost...she prefers the barn, which is all good until she wants to lay outside her little coop she gets put in at night. Poor chicken, luckily she is now a found chicken!

Lisa said...

HEY thats a polish!!

Tanya said...

Give Morgan a pat from me! I am amazed that a dog can even be around chickens without losing it completely! My dog goes crazy when a crow even lights on our roof!