Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wet Weather???

Here is another photo that I took yesterday showing the clouds headed up to Tahoe. They are having some terrific thunderstorms. The weather here is hot and muggy. Something like a steam bath outside. It is 10:15 pm and it is 80 degrees in the house. I'm whining. Sorry. I wish we could get some of the rain. I really, really do.
I guess it is too hot for some of the hens to roost sitting down. I have never seen the hens roost standing up before. Poor hot girls. Some of the hens have started to sleep on the ground where it is a little bit cooler.
I don't know if the hens knocked all the corn out of the feeder or if we have a messy mouse raiding the corn. It is almost dark in this photo and some of the chickens are still eating or maybe it is too hot to go to bed. I feel dumb making this post because as Kristine says, "You're doing a repeat?" Well, it is hot and I haven't done anything today, and this is what is happening with the chickens and and they are new photos and my brain is melting.
I brought the feeders inside because when I was taking the above photo I was feeling tiny drops of water and even though I don't think we are going to get any of the Tahoe rain I don't want to take any chances of the feed getting wet. I wish there were large drops of water!
On my last check through the nest I did find three eggs. That was a surprise. I picked up eight eggs earlier, but I fooled myself by bringing in a wooden egg. Well, it looked like a real egg and my brain is melting. The broody Wyandotte had moved over to a new spot in the middle nest box and was sitting on two eggs she had appropriated. I felt guilty taking them away. Guilt and heat are not a good combination.

Tom brought home meat loaf and french bread for dinner. I was going to make a salad to go with, but we were all too hot, so no dinner. He also bought some grapes from the farmers market and those we did eat.

Morgan is sleeping downstairs tonight because she is just too hot upstairs. Kristine has a fan, but that doesn't help Morgan much at all. She has finally stopped panting and is sleeping. It is silent outside. No noise. I guess it is too hot for any critters to be up and about.

I am not complaining about the heat. I just get twitchy because of the heat and the fire danger.

[10 eggs today]



lisa said...

I also would be complaining of the heat. I can deal with a few hot ones but not like you have been getting. Hang in there! Take care.

Tanya said...

The scenery picture reminds me of our cabin area in the San Jacinto mountains.