Monday, July 20, 2009

Late Snack

This evening there were only 6 hens on their roosts getting settled for the night when I went to lock the coop. I went inside with a flashlight to count them before I locked the door. I don't want to lock some chickens out for the night. I have to be careful because there are some like Hen/Roo who stay out in the woods until it is almost dark. So I count. Tricky business counting chickens on the move. Yep, still 18 chickens.

The broody Wyandotte was in a nest box all fluffed up and cooing at me. The rest of the chickens were out in the pen having a late snack. Maybe it is too hot for them to eat during the day and they fill their crops before going to bed. They are not eating as much as the usually do during this hot weather. I think they spend most of the day under the house. Today I was ready to crawl under there and cool off with them.
This is the first batch of jeans that I cut up to use for piecing a quilt. I have since cut up another wash load of cloths. I think I will try to make a crib size quilt and a throw size quilt. It would be great if I could get three quilts out of the pile of pieces I have stacked. Next step is for me to start cutting small pieces of material for letters. I want to put names and words on the quilts. I use the Lazy Gal Quilting tutorial here to make the letters. I'm so glad I found her site here.

[8 eggs today]

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