Friday, July 17, 2009

Gloves and Socks

It's hot! I'm melting. Short post tonight. Here are two more neat things that I found that I want to hang on to for awhile because of sentiment. Also they don't take up much room and I may use the gloves and I just might try knitting again. The gloves are from Tom's Grandmother Mary.
And the knitting stuff is from Tom's mother Dolores. The sock patterns are for women's socks and for a man's tie. I think this stuff dates from the 50's, maybe before? I have a pair of socks she was knitting put away somewhere. I'll find them and put all this together. I would hate for this bit of family history to hit the garage sale. Who knows... I may finish up the sock someday?

We have fires in the area. Scary. The firefighters did a great job fighting the fire yesterday! This is the time of year I start thinking of moving to the Oregon or Washington coast so I can have all that lovely wet weather. We have months more of this bone dry weather. I can hope for rain but it isn't going to happen.
[9 eggs today]
One egg broke when the basket tipped over.
I'll have to nail the basket to the wall tomorrow!


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lisa said...

During the dry season how do you do for drinking water and so on??