Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is a photo of the left side of the chicken coop. This is how the chicken side looked before I added the white metal door. I took off the metal panels, added some more 2x4's to make a door and window frame, hung the door and window and used some left over siding to make up the wall. I planted grass seed in the left pen last year and it was so pretty and green, but that only lasted a few days before the chickens tore it all up. I sometimes think about spreading grass seed around the place after the rains start, but then I would have to worry about more fire hazard. The leaves are bad enough. It is terribly dry in the woods. Not pleasant at all.

The temperature only got into the high eighties today, so there was no shooting down of cobwebs. Instead I walked around in the woods with the chickens to see if they did anything different in the hot weather.

Maybe they hide in the shade when it is in the hundreds, but today they did the regular chickens stuff: dusting, scratching, running around and sitting in the nest boxes. I was out under the trees behind the chicken pen when I heard a chicken sounding off. At first I thought it was Hen/Roo, but Kristine says it is Dorsal. Yep. It is Dorsal. The comb is small and the tail sticks up. Kristine named her that because her tail sticks up like a dorsal fin on a fish. I thought Dorsal was trying to crow, but Kristine says that is the sound the hens make after they lay an egg. I am so bad at chicken language. So where is the egg? Maybe she is the dirt layer?

[5 eggs today]
5 minus 1 in the dirt


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lisa said...

I miss that sound. I don't get to hear it when I get up in the morning not until, I go feed the chickens in the hen house.