Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jean Quilt

It finally cooled off enough that I spent some time sorting the jean pieces I had cut up and tore up a piece of muslin for the quilt backing. The plan I'm going with is to sew the pieces onto the muslin kinda of like a log cabin idea. Only not. I'm just going to sew the pieces on any way they fit. With the fleece type material scraps for the back of the quilt I may not need to add any batting. I'll wait to get the front and back done and then make up my mind.

The hens got lettuce for a treat today and are showing no ill effect from eating the cherries the other day. I'm so glad the temperature is going down tomorrow and the rest of the week. Or at least it is supposed to get cooler.

There is a dog barking non-stop for hours. This may go on all night. I hope not, but it has happened before. I guess the people go away and leave their dog outside?

[8 eggs today]
One broke when I picked it up.
The hens have lots of oyster shell
so I don't know what the problem is?


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Arlene said...

I love the jean quit. My husband wanted a T-shirt quilt of shirts he had gotten in the service, ball games, little league, all kinds of stuff etc. So I asked a friend of mine to make one (I am not a good sewer) she did an excellent job on it. She said it was her first!! I will have to post a pic of it on my site. Thanks for sharing your quilt!!