Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautiful Morgan!

Here we have a photo of the small feeder full of oyster shell and some hens happily eating it up. I had just filled it today and they weren't all that interested because they had pretty much eaten up the handfuls I had put in there yesterday. I'm kinda curious to see how long it will take 18 hens to eat up this much oyster shell.

I was coming out of the chicken coop only to be greeted by a beautiful clean Morgan who was happy she was home from the groomer.

There was one egg in the open nest boxes
and all the rest were in the closed ones.

[12 eggs today]

Have a good day!

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lisa said...

callie, she looks good. I take my two to the groomers also, I just don't have the time myself to do it and with the mudd and dirt and so on and so forth. They look and smell soooo good when they come home that it is worth having someone else do the work.