Sunday, May 31, 2009

Raking, Darning Foot and an Invisible Thing

There are chickens out there in the woods. Can you find the Australorp? A Light Brahma went flying up in the air back by the fence just as I was focusing this photo, but then she did the vanishing thing among the leaves probably out there in the sunny spot. I took this photo of the paths I raked today.. reraked. The chickens are busy dumping the leaves back on the paths. I do the raking in the middle of the day. It is hotter then, but also there are a lot less mosquitos. When one comes eeeeeeeeeeeeing around me I run away and rake somewhere else. The trick is to keep moving so the little beggars can't find me.
Here is the Darning Foot or free motion quilting foot that is supposed to fit on my Heart Truth 2008LE. I suppose it probably will, but I will have to use a screw driver. I really don't like messing with my machine with tools. But I will have to take the machine and the foot back to the store and have someone show me how to make the change without me harming the machine. Phooey! I like the other feet that just click on and off with the push of a little button. I worry about messing up my machine. It works so beautifully now. I'm afraid...
Here is another Invisible Thing. I got tired of dumping brillo pads because they got rusty. So, I took the plastic lid off a peanut can and made some triangle cuts along the edges and one into the center so that when I put it in the cup it makes a pointy dome in the middle. 
This holds the brillo pad away from the water and allows it to dry out quickly... no rust. The triangle cuts allow more air flow so the water drips evaporate faster. 

Everybody probably does this or something like this,
but I was happy with the peanut plastic lid thing
because it fit the cup. 
I keep it in the window because it is a cute cup, I like the chickens, and there is a better chance of it having good ventilation, sunlight and drying out up there. And it is easy to reach.

Holly gave me the blue and white figurine on the left. I can't remember where I got the shoes. I thought Sue gave them to me, Kristine thought I got them from Mary, or it could have been Kit? I think it was Sue. Maybe. I got the chicken planter at a garage sale. John and Sandy gave me the little chicken  and I bought the one with the blue. The collandar lives up there so it can drain away with no problems.  I love no problems. 

Nag, nag, nag, as a Mom I can do that rather well. I don't indulge in nagging very often and then for only what I think is a good reason. Today Kristine told me a chicken story that happened last night and it made me laugh out loud even. Well, you probably would have needed to be there to hear her mimic the chicken screams and Morgan's nonchalance while out for an evening walk.

Soooo, I nagged her until she made a post on her blog!
3 months! I mean it has been 3 months since her last post. She is stuck to her laptop watching bleach. There are way too many episodes. But, hey! I got her to make a post! Nagging rules!

[9 eggs today]

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lisa said...

very nice idea. I like the cup and the window picture. Looks nice to beable to look at it all day.