Saturday, May 23, 2009

Morgan Squirrel Herding

Some hens have close friends, other girls they like to hang out with while the rest of the bunch is in another part of the woods, these hens like the driveway? Beats me what they are finding to eat? Curly the Cochin and the two Buff Brahmas are tight. There is a Dark Brahma who follows them around, but stays about six feet away. Don't know if these hens are outcasts or an exclusive group? They are very close to the coop here. Maybe they are homebodies? 
Yea! Jean is home!

Sorry Jean! I was going to put your photo up first, but got it in backwards. You are first in my book! So glad that you are home! Hope you are enjoying yourself back in your own digs. Love you!


[10 eggs today]

There's squirrels up there! It is a bit of a wonder to me how Morgan can keep track of where the squirrels are in the trees. Maybe she is just faking me out sniffing their tracks making me think that she knows which tree they are in or traveling to or through. I mean, did the squirrel really run up the cut tree? Really! 

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lisa said...

chickens will do the darndess things. Spelling is bad sorry about that and alittle to lazy to look it up this morning too.