Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Surprise!

Yesterday I found this card and box sitting on my sewing table.
I was delighted to find the hen salt and pepper shaker.
Pretty cute! Huh! You Bet!
This is right up my alley!
I washed it up and it is drying now.
This is going to be my everyday cooking with salt shaker
and will sit by the cook top
and make me happy every time I look at it!
And the card was really neat too.
Thank you, Kristine, dear daughter!
I love the little hen.
This morning I couldn't wait to check the new bottom nest box
and was happy to find 
this Orpington hen busy laying her egg.
Well, I think it is an Orpington...
It could be the Cochin, maybe? But it is hard to tell.

I collected 6 eggs early this morning
which is much more than usual.
I'm curious to find out if the number of eggs will increase.
[9 eggs today]

On the way back to the house I walked around the back
and saw a Light Brahma out at the fence.
She was busy scratching away all by herself,
but came hurrying toward the other hens
when she saw me.
Lovely day!


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