Saturday, May 16, 2009

Early Birds

I finished the blank vertical flimsy and now need to applique something simple. I hope to have some fun with that tomorrow. I did search around last night for ways to sew on a hanger for the wall hanging and found this site with a method that I like the best. Instead of sewing on a quilt sleeve, triangles are sewn into the corners on the back. Dowels can then be inserted into the corners leaving the middle open for hanging on a nail, etc.
I think I will put triangles on the bottom and top
and use dowels or old curtain rods I have around here somewhere. 

Below is a video of the 10 hens
who like to go to roost early while the other eight
stay out in the pen and spend time eating. 

It was still light out when I took this video.
I like how the hens talk to me.
Nite, nite.

[9 eggs today]

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