Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Chickens

This photo of the spa house window is much better than the other one I posted a while back. Sandy designed and made this window and John built it into the wall. I look at this window and see a design for a quilt! I didn't sew today. Maybe tomorrow. Tom and Kristine saw the new Star Trek movie this afternoon and Kristine says she needs to see it again before she can figure out exactly how she feels about it. She likes the acting, the writing, the sets, but she said that the story or plot was a bit lacking. I think I will wait for the dvd to come out. 

So far it seems that the chickens have taken to the closed in nest boxes since today we collected 12 eggs and only two of them were laid in the open nest boxes.

The chickens were all excited about something again
so I had to come out and take a look see,
but I couldn't tell what the problems was.
Morgan was sniffing around
for something?

See that farm gate in the video? Well, when you open it, the gate swings into the pen and hits the other side, which makes cleaning out the pen difficult. I would like to take the gate off and reverse the hangers so it would swing out into the yard. Then I could get the wheelbarrow in there and load up the rakings easily. Or, maybe I should find another old door and build it into that area. That is a plan for the future. In the meantime I need to rake out the pen. I take it out in bucketfuls. It takes longer, but I will get it cleared out eventually. I only put the straw down in the pen because of the mud. It is much easier to keep the pen raked out and clean if it is just dirt. But chickens with muddy feet leave muddy eggs. Thus straw is called for.

[12 eggs today!]

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