Monday, May 18, 2009

Wall Hanging and Mars Hoax

Well, I'm pretty sure this is not how you are supposed to do applique, but this is my first attempt and this is the way I'm doing it. I drew out the flower and then cut out paper shapes, cut out the fabric, turned the edges, basted it down and now the next step is to sew it to the backing. Pretty simple shapes. I just want to add some color to the wall.

Here is some filler.
Another shot of the view on the way to town.
Today I received two forwarded emails. Both about earth and mars being so close in August that they will look almost the same size to the naked eye. I checked out Snopes and they say it is False.

If you would like to read the Snopes report:
Phooey! I was looking forward
to seeing mars look so close.
[Oops! I just read that I do not want to see Mars
that close. Bad things would happen.]

It was in the 90's today
and the chickens took time off.
only 7 eggs today.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Deb said...

Your wall hanging is very pretty Callie - I'm sure it dress your wall up nicely :)

I hope you like the heat :) It's still in the low 60's here - I'm not a big fan of heat so I'm happy with the weather for a change :)

Have a great day ~


Deb said...

oops...that should have said "it will dress your wall up nicely"...
in a hurry as usual...sorry

lisa said...

I wish I had a view like that when I go to town. The hanging is going to look great on the wall.