Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Standing and Sitting

Standing in the sun. These hens are trying to soak up some late rays. They have found a spot where the sun shines now and then as the clouds roll past. When the sun is covered they do not abandon their place, but do cackle and ruffle their feathers. Calling back the sun shine?
It was around 6pm when I went out to the coop to check on the chickens, took the photo above and then found this hen sitting in a nest. I do have some late layers and I thought I might find some eggs. This hen is noisy when it comes to giving up her egg. She doesn't peck at me, but one of the Wyandottes will take a stab at me now and then. This hen just protests a bit. I was moving my hand trying to get her to squawk again but she was all squawked out. By the time I got the camera set to record she had pretty much finished being upset. 

I'm going to go out to the coop tonight and count the chickens to make sure they are all still here because today when I called them for treats (twice) I only counted 13 hens. There are some chickens who like to go off by themselves, so I hope that accounts for the missing hens.

[10 eggs today]
I just counted and there are still 18 chickens!
We had 19 but awhile back something got the rooster.


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lisa said...

I love listening to the chickens cackle. We have free range roosters and we had one the had the neatest cackle. Have a good day.