Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Sewing, Big Egg

There were only two blocks that I didn't take apart when I stopped sewing and yesterday I made two more to match them. The plan I have is to make a small wall hanging for the green room. I still want to make Kristine a quilt, but I will do this first and hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of quilt making. I feel like I'm sneaking the sewing past my migraines. I'll just play it cool and they won't notice. 
I'm going to make up some artsy asian looking type wall hanging...
maybe even two? I think I will go for colors ahead of design. 

Itunes and I have been having a lot of fun lately since I have found Itunes U and I have been listening to class lectures from Stanford, Berkeley, and other universities. Some of the classes have video, but I even like listening to the sans-video lectures while I do other things. It is pretty neat listening to lectures by Pulitzer winning professors. You can learn great stuff!

Today there was such a difference in the sizes of these two eggs that I had to take a photo. In fact for some reason they seem to have more of a size difference in real life than in the photo. The small egg is a Cochin egg, but I'm not sure if the large egg is an Orpington or a Brahma egg. I think it is probably an Orpington egg because they are supposed to be medium to large while the Brahma eggs are listed as medium. 

There was only one egg laid in the open nest boxes today.

[10 eggs today]


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