Monday, May 04, 2009

Damp BBQ

Look what's happening in the chicken pen. Two of the hens decided to lay their eggs out in the wet straw. They were not locked up today. So, why? Don't know. Seems strange to me. 
Kristine and Tom took off for the movies to see Wolverine and I stayed home to watch the place and keep the fire going. All was quiet and not much happening around here except that I decided to barbecue chicken for dinner and then decided to add corn on the cob and asparagus to the list.
The house and deck are surrounded by trees which left me out in the rain, which is OK since it didn't really start raining until I was finished with the BBQ. (That is the point of the roof up there.) The honey and molasses I put in the BBQ sauce I made for the chicken blackened nicely. That was not my plan, but it tasted great. 
I took the husks off the corn, saved them, buttered and salted the corn, put the husks back around the corn, put them in foil, added some water, sealed them up and put them on the BBQ for about 15-20 minutes on the top rack on low.
Sorry if this post is a little off. I have another migraine. Yesterday too. Gee, and I thought they were going away. Hopefully, this will be a light one like yesterday. They really are getting lighter... not as bad as they were, so I do think they are going to stop. Now would be good.



Deb said...

Your BBQ looks yummy :) Hope your migraine went away. Like you, I'm a migraine sufferer. 27 years now. If you don't mind my asking, are you working on a specific plan to help them go away? I've tried everything and presently take daily meds but I'm still having them :(

Hope your feeling much better!


lisa said...

Callie, I hope you feel better too. We love to BBQ and yours looks very good. We will even BBQ in the middle of winter. Nothing is better than outdoor cooking. I am in the process of learning dutch oven cooking with castiron over an open fire and love it when I get a chance, need more oven though.