Sunday, May 17, 2009

Treat Time!

This link and this link both explain and show poultry that have sex changed.
This link has the info on egg laying.

Kristine was watching Dr. Who and I was getting ready to make popcorn when we heard a bunch of chicken noise at the slider. I thought it was Hen/Roo and I went over to the dirty rained on, snowed on, dog nosed slider to check and see what the problem was. I think that's a chicken...

Well, hello! I thought it was the Hen/Roo
but the Australorp above went away and then the Hen/Roo
came over and complained too. Gee, I think they want a treat. Duh!
So, I gave them some lettuce which they gobbled up.

If you have time click on this photo,
because Hen/Roo looks like a cartoon rooster.
"Who, me?"

Kristine and I got to talking about sex change in poultry and Kristine found some great links and then I found a site that shows how an egg is laid. Interesting stuff. But don't go there if you never really wanted to know how an egg gets out of a chicken. 

You can see how the Hen/Roo's comb and wattles have grown larger and you probably can't tell from the photos but the tail feathers are starting to stand up and curl a little.

This link has the info on egg laying.
Beware if you are squeamish.
There are videos of hens laying on Youtube
if you want to see the real thing.
But the info on the link is probably enough
for most people.

[11 eggs today]

I took a photo of the flower I made today
for the wall hanging
but Iphoto ate it.
The photo was there but the numbers are gone.

Like I said I was making popcorn.
Kristine said, "Wait! Take a picture!"
So, before I dumped the popcorn
in the big yellow bowl I ran and got my camera. 
We like making, or rather I make popcorn in the
cast iron chicken fryer.
I haven't tried making it on the wood stove
because it is way too hot standing that close.
Tastes great and it is fast on the cook top.


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