Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cover Up!

A closet mirror was cracked when we moved to this house and although I did move the mirrors to another bedroom closet I did not replace the mirror. Instead I decided to have some fun with
some ivy leaf design sticky back wallpaper border that I had. 

I cut out lots and lots of the leaves and stuck them over the crack in the mirror so it looked a bit like ivy climbing up to the ceiling and then I put the border all around the top of the room. That didn't last too long before the sticky on the back of the wallpaper gave up and I had to take it all down. But the sticky on the mirror has lasted. So I still have my leafy mirror and I've grown to like it a lot and don't plan to change it anymore.

Over the years I have gotten used to making do with what I have and now I have come to appreciate the things I can put together more than some of the new stuff. 

I talked to Aunt Jean today and she is planning on spending Sunday at home. Hopefully she will be able to go home to stay soon. I know she is very happy about the day visit.

I forgot to put some space at the bottom of the edit page before I uploaded
the photo and I can't figure out how to get some space under there
and it won't let me type alongside on the left.
I've done it before, but not today...

Smiles ~ Have a wonderful day!


lisa said...

Nice idea and it is nice when you have the imigination to beable to that. Good for you.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

What a great idea!! Inventive, saves money and is very creative and won't find anyone else that has a mirror like that LOL! Love reading your blog with all the chicken news :-).

Jacqui in Canada