Friday, May 29, 2009

Button, Button

This is the back of my machine with the case pulled off. I looked for the button to lower the feed dogs, didn't see the button, so I called the sewing machine store. Help! What I needed to do was feel for the feed dog button.
Turns out the button was there. Duh! Underneath! Why am I so lame. Good grief, I couldn't find the feed dog button. So sad, so sad, because it turns out I still can't do any free motion quilting because the Heart Truth doesn't come with that foot. Soooo, I need to buy a darning foot!  So, I'll add that to the list of stuff I need to have someone pick up for me next time they are in that part of town. I sure do spend a lot less money since I stopped driving because of the migraines.

These hens are dust bathing in the shade.
It is just too hot for sun dust bathing.
They are digging pot holes.
And they are not doing the foundation any good either.

[10 eggs today]


1 comment:

lisa said...

Sewing machines do have their ups and downs. I hate it when the chickens get into my gardens and dust bathe.