Friday, May 22, 2009

Morgan and Curly

Morgan and her little Cochin buddy or biddy. Kristine called me to take a photo of Morgan sacked out on the porch surrounded by at least 12 hens. Kristine said some of them were right up against her relaxing and the rest were cleaning feathers and resting. They must have heard me coming down the hall because by the time I got there with the camera all I got was a picture of Morgan and Curly. I know it is her because of the feathers on the feet. Otherwise, I have a lot of trouble telling her from an Orpington. Biddy means young chicken, right? Or does it mean a chick? Or does chick-a-biddy mean chick or...?
When Kristine had her dairy goat herd, we used to use this little feeder to give the goats their grain or treats. I packed it amongst the things to move up here just because it held such great memories. A while back I decided to gift it to the hens for an extra feeder. When I go to fill their hanging feeder I dump the feed that is left over in this feeder. Seems to work out OK and it gives them some elbow room.
In or Out? The side with all the leaves, dirt, and the plant with the little round green leaves (wild rose) is the side that the chickens patrol. I'm glad they don't eat the rose. The other side of the fence is the side that was supposed to be my vegetable garden. Nice crop of weeds! Unfortunately, the soil is so poor that the carrots looked like matchsticks and most of the other veggies didn't even make an appearance. However, the few herbs I planted are doing great. I read somewhere that they originated on rocky barren islands with poor soil. Well, I've got everything but the island part. I need to get a truckload of top soil. Got to work on that. Add it to the wish list.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

[10 eggs today]
+1 = 11

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