Sunday, May 03, 2009

Eggs in a Basket

Today I think I collected some of yesterdays eggs along with the eggs laid this morning. Makes a nice basket almost full. I like this little collapsable basket. I used to have a wire chicken basket that was cute to look at, but was awkward to use.  I'm looking forward to the day the white paint all falls off of this wood and I can stain the coop! The time is getting close where I can scrape off the paint that is left and get to the staining. I like the weathered look, but I think the wood will hold up better if I do the staining. The chickens were standing out in the pen in the rain looking sad and dejected. They could go inside the coop... silly chickens.

So, I went ahead and let them out to run around. They are probably better sheltered under the trees than out in their pen. There was only one hen in the coop and she was sitting on a nest. She was wet, so she must have just come in to lay her egg. A group of hens headed off to congregate in the driveway on the rocks. There they got busy preening and pecking their feathers. It must be warmer in the driveway area. Rocks retain some warmth?
The other chickens headed off into the woods in groups or they were
Lone Rangers like this Light Brahma.
She ran away from me as if she thought I wanted to put her back in the coop?
When I started this blog I said that it was also about my genealogy interests, but I haven't blogged about it much except to put a bit on the sidebar listing some links. Although I am interested in my family history I do not do genealogical research. The information in the book I have is all documented so that information is correct. The information I can find on the internet is interesting but I have no way of knowing if it is documented, and I am not doing my own research yet. Someday I hope to connect with some of my family and learn more about them.
 This book is called, Nathan and Sarah ~ All Our Children, and was compiled by Sallie Stewart Harrison and Ethel Stewart Cole, published by Bill Hanson Printing, Fort Worth, Texas. When this book was printed I was busy raising Kristine and Kathleen and building a house. I do wish I had contacted these ladies back in the 70's. This book starts with my 3 times great grandfather, Nathan Meeks, b. 1802, in South Carolina and his wife, Sarah C. Jones, b. 1801, Georgia. Nathan and Sarah died in Texas. As a child I lost touch with my father and mother's family and grew up without cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Perhaps that is why I would like to find out about my family history. I don't even have a start on information about my fathers genealogy. I think that looking into all this history could become a full time occupation so I'm taking a cautious approach. 


[a basket of eggs]


lisa said...

I think I have more hens outside the hen house than in also. I find eggs in the horse shed, hay pile, cattle shed, you name it I look for it. I like the basket and that is a good idea.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I loved reading your blog today! your title, chickens on the porch....just too cute!

dirtyduck said...

why do egg baskets have those things on the side?