Friday, May 15, 2009

Wall Hanging

Today I sewed up this wall hanging flimsy and managed to make it all the way through without a migraine. I had a little one yesterday, but I pretended it wasn't really there. Denial can be a really good thing at times. (I do try not to write about the migraines because they are such a downer.)

Tomorrow I'm going to make another wall hanging, but a vertical one instead of horizontal. Tonight I need to search up some tutorials on how to make the hanger part of the backing. I know this is a very simple design of tree trunks in the mist, but I figure I can always come back and do applique. But I don't think I will, I like the calm and simplicity.
There is one goofy chicken that lays her egg wherever and whenever the mood strikes her: in the driveway, out in the chicken pen, or in the woods, etc. I had hopes for her to decide to lay in the closed in nest boxes, but today I found another egg by the feeder. She is so strange. I mean she sits by the corn feeder and lays an egg?

So, counting the corn feeder egg (which I had to toss) there were 10 eggs laid today that I could find and they were all laid in the closed in nest boxes. And Kristine said that when she checked the nest boxes this morning that she was very surprised to find the Hen/Roo in the top nest box. We thought/read that when hens take on rooster characteristics that they stop laying. Maybe she is just going through the motions?

[10 eggs today]


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