Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Voting and Rolling in the Dirt

This was the view out the car window on  the way to vote this morning. Trees, lotsa trees. We were the only people voting at the polls. California is in trouble, I wonder if the props will pass? People are mad at the legislature. They might take it out at the polls by voting no? 

This is what I saw when I was walking up the driveway after voting. I had my camera! Maybe I could catch them dusting? Morgan was barking at the dreaded squirrels. I think that was her squirrel bark. Her dangerous critter bark is much more excited.

Oops! The Australorp jumped up! Gee, what does she think I'm going to do. Silly hen. So, I stood there for a long time and finally the Light Brahma went back to dusting and some of the other hens came over to lay down and sun bath. Looks like fun!

There was an egg bounty today.
[14 eggs today!]
And they were all laid in the closed in nest boxes!

And it was cool in them.
Cooler than in the house.
Smart Girls!


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