Saturday, May 09, 2009


You can see from the comparison of yesterdays's photos that I have made progress. At least I have kept working which is a good thing. First I gathered my tools then worked on the bottom
nest box and enclosed it on both ends and made a flippy door. I also cut thick boards and made a wooden floor for the bottom nest and filled it with straw. Then I put a piece of board over the broken plywood that the bear tore. Then I took the plastic cover off of the screen door to aid in ventilation.
Then I peeked in the middle nest box and found two hens!
So I guess they do like a quiet dark place to lay.
Hope they lay here instead of in the pen or in the woods.
This is a look at the inside of the coop
or the backside of the nest boxes
showing the boards I nailed up to partially enclose the area.

This may not be a beautiful coop
but it is cosy
and it's made out of scrap wood and stuff
Reuse is good.

I think it is amazing that some of the hens
came and laid eggs even though I was hammering
and sawing and making all kinds of noise.
Before I quit I filled the feeders
and checked the waterer to make sure it was clean.

I only got eight eggs today so I think
that some of the hens laid their eggs out in the woods.
I hope the girls like their new digs.
Got another egg!
[ 9 eggs today]

Those are the keystrokes for a chicken.

Here is a short video of the girls getting a lettuce treat!
They make a lot of noise pecking at the lettuce. It sounds like me hammering.

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