Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicken Stroll

Here are some of the girls going for their daily late afternoon stroll along the deck. They will end up in the little rock garden for a while and will then advance to the front slider where they will congregate. They group in front of the slider in hopes of kitchen treats. Smart chickens!
So what is with the cleared area around the tree!

I have been going out every day for a while raking leaves off my paths. The chickens have been covering them up with leaves when they scratch looking for stuff. I kept telling Morgan to stop with the squirrel barking thing. It is arf, pause, arf, pause, pause, pause, arf, repeat. Arg! So I went over to see what her problem was. There was a dog behind that tree. She is a herding dog and they are hardwired to stay opposite of me on the other side of whatever is there.

I wonder what Morgan thinks is in the tree?
Yep! There she is. We played ring a round the rosie. Me trying to get a photo of her and her trying to stay on the other side of the tree from me. This behavior makes it almost impossible for me to shoo the chickens in their coop, because Morgan will stand in the doorway since the chickens are in the middle. It is like a strange game of keep a way.

Kristine picked up a darning foot for me today. I am going to have to call the store again tomorrow because I have a bad feeling that it might be the wrong foot. But then again I am the one who couldn't find the feed dog button, so maybe with some better directions than those on the back of the package I will be able to figure out how to put it on the machine. We'll see...

[9 eggs so far today]
It has been hot so egg production slows down.


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Tanya said...

I hope you figure out how to use your darning foot. Yes, they sewing machine companies seem to want to hide their feed dog buttons.