Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Road

This is the view out of the car window on the way to town. I had to go to town today to get my hair cut. Only took about 20 minutes, so it was a very quick trip. The drive is pretty much the same all the way, trees, trees and more trees, except for a few places where there are open areas where you can see the mountain tops.

I love living in among the trees. I know people are drawn to areas with panoramic views, but I like forest living. I used to live in a house on the side of a mountain that gave the illusion of being in a tree house because the view out of the windows was of the middle of redwood trees. So, you felt you were living up in the trees. 
Kristine took this photo of a sage plant that is very happy in my weed garden. She planted this sage! It was left over from her gardening class. Maybe that is the key? I should have her do the planting. Or maybe I should turn this into a herb garden since herbs seem to be the only thing that can grow there except native plants. The sage looks like lavender. I like the fuzzy leaves and purple flowers. I wonder if it will seed itself? That would be such a deal. Lots and lots of sage... a sage garden!
This little thread basket and pin cushion is very useful, and I needed another one for my ironing board. I am always looking for it because it never seems to be where I need it. I collect all the thread and fabric scraps and use them to stuff pillows and whatever. I ran across this little basket when putting stuff together for the garage sale and decided to put it to use as a scrap and thread basket. It is cute and it doesn't take up much room on the ironing board. Pretty neat!
Here is a shot of the myrtle I planted along the driveway. It is finally starting to spread out and it's looking pretty good. I am so glad the deer and the chickens don't like to eat it up. I would like for the myrtle to take off and cover the ground under the trees. It seems to push out the poison oak, but it spreads slowly. I especially like how the myrtle manages to stay on top of all the leaves!

I guess I will have to plant more starts this fall after the rains begin. Which means I need to save all the cuttings I make when I start cleaning up my non flower garden. I've got myrtle taking over in places in there, so I will be cutting it back and starting the cuttings in potting soil so they will be ready to plant. That's how I got the starts for the driveway.

I enjoy listening to some of the TED Talks and ran across this talk the other day and the little girl just cracked me up. The message is a good one and should be better known. 

[10 eggs today]


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