Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Small Wall Hanging Hung

Yea! I got the small wall hanging up on the wall. It is always rather amazing to me when I actually complete a project. When I am in the midst of sewing it doesn't seem like I will ever get it done. I just keep telling myself to keep at it and it will eventually get done. And this was such a simple little thing, but then it was the first one I had attempted.

The middle photo of the back of the hanging shows the triangle pockets sewn into the corners. I was going to cut some dowel to fit, but I thought I would try out some of those extra large straws that come with

the big, big, drinks. The straw fit perfectly, but was a little bendy from the weight of the hanging. I think the straws would work beautifully for a smaller wall hanging.

So, I went searching around for some long chopsticks and found these wooden ones that fit just great. These are good chopsticks, so tomorrow I will have to go cut some dowel pieces and replace the chopsticks before they are missed.

Today Tom picked up chicken feed and some oyster shell.
Boy, were those hens happy to dig into the oyster shell!
Here is the nest box egg laying score:
Open nest boxes: 1 egg
Closed nest boxes: 11 eggs
Plywood floor: 1 egg - That nutty chicken! 

[13 eggs today]

Have a great Day!

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lisa said...

Looks fabulous!