Monday, June 01, 2009

Gathering Eggs

Eggs? No, this is definitely a plate of cherries. I am finding that it is difficult to eat cherries and post on this blog at the same time. So, I think I will go eat these yummy cherries and let the video load and come back and finish my post for today.

 If you don't have chickens, you can pretend you are gathering eggs for breakfast. Usually there are eggs and chickens in each of the three nest boxes. Sometimes the hens are sitting close together, sometimes most of the eggs are on the top or middle, but usually most of the eggs are in the bottom nest box like they are in this video. You can hear Morgan running around behind me.

I will have to shoot some more video of these nest boxes when there are chickens in them. I haven't run across the screaming chicken that Kristine talks about. Kristine says that when you try and take her egg she gets really upset and does a really load screamy squawk. Maybe that hen doesn't recognize Kristine since she is at work most of the time. Ah, yes, that must be it. The hen likes me so she lets me take her egg? Ahhh! Sweet chicken!

[10 eggs togay]

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lisa said...

Nice video, we lost our hens to some animal last weekend, have to replace them soon because I already miss my fresh eggs!