Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chickens In A Box

Cute hens! This Light Brahma and Wyandotte are cozy and happy in a nest box. I always wonder how and why the chickens figure out where they are going to sleep at night. They don't seem to sleep in the same places except for the hens who are broody. The broody girls do pick a spot and hold on to it until they give up on the whole egg hatching business.

The Light Brahma could be Pastey, but I know she is not Screamer because if that was Screamer she would have her beak open making a lot of noise. I call all the Wyandottes, Dot or Dotty, because I can't tell them apart unless they are standing close together and not moving. That doesn't happen.

The nest looks pretty clean. I keep a pair of gloves in the chicken coop to wear when I check the nest boxes for eggs. I like wearing the gloves because, after I remove the eggs, I pick up chicken poo and toss it out of the nest onto the dirt area where I can rake it up and put it under the roosts. I rake dirt, straw, poo, etc., under the roost with the understanding that this is supposed to provide some warmth for the coop during the cold winter months. Composting? I clean it all out in the Spring, but for sure it is a lot easier doing it this way than hauling stuff around.

My brother named these three trees, John, Sharon, and Callie, after us kids. The trees are growing alongside the driveway waiting for a hello from passersby. I must admit that I go past them most of the time without noticing or remembering that they are special. But they are special and having them there is heartwarming.

I haven't done any or even thought about Christmas gift buying. At least I want to fill the Christmas socks with little presents, candy and fun stuff. Need to get something for Morgan's sock too.

[1 egg today]



Diana said...

I loved reading about the three trees. You're right, it is a heartwarming story!

Callie said...

diane: Thank you, Diane. It is heart warming for me thinking of my brother naming the trees.