Monday, December 28, 2009

Keeping An Eye Out

Kristine took this photo of Morgan this afternoon. Morgan loves to hang out on the stairs because she can keep an eye on everyone and everything. There are mirrors on the wall so she can look toward the back of the house and still see the living room and outside.

It has been raining and the chickens have been locked up in their coop. Morgan went out with me when I filled the feeders and checked on the chickens and she got her paws all muddy. When Morgan comes inside her muddy paw trick is to go up to the loft and clean her feet. It is nice and warm up there and she spends some time letting them dry, and licking her pads clean.

I used to have a sweet doberman who liked to spin when he was excited. I taught him to spin on command when he came in the entry way on the floor mat. I would have him spin right and then left, back and forth, and what was happening was that he was wiping his feet on the mat. Saved me the trouble of messing with his feet and getting a bunch of towels muddy. He had a lot of fun spinning! As a puppy Morgan watched him potty and learned to lift her leg. Pretty funny!

I'm going to go back to watching White Christmas after I post this.

[3 eggs today]



Willow Witch said...

Its pretty chilly here, I have not let my chickens out the last two days. But since we kicked the ducks out of the chicken enclosure my hens are back up to 5-7 eggs per day.

Becky's Barnyard said...

Morgan sure is a pretty thing. yea, rain is a real bummer for dogs and chickens, they have to stay in.

Callie said...

Willow Witch: Glad you are getting some eggs!

Becky: Still, I love the rain.

Tanya said...

Great picture of Morgan! Ah, I've never had a dog that was too bright, or maybe just not well trained. They seem to do what they want to do and don't really care what is convenient or not for me.