Sunday, December 27, 2009

Watch That First Step!

iPhoto is playing tricks on me and hiding photos. I finally found this in the Thumbs. I don't know what Thumbs are other than that they sound small. This will be interesting. Oh! I just published and found out that the photo will not enlarge when I click on it. hmmmm.

The chickens are still getting used to the gate. I'm just happy that it keeps Morgan out of the feed.

I asked Kevin if he knew about a Sports setting on my camera (he has one too,) but he didn't. I have read through the instruction booklet a few times and the closest I can come to a setting that will capture motion is the Auto setting. I didn't take any photos today, but I'll try the Auto setting tomorrow and see how it works.

I watched some lectures by Rusty Schweickart today about Astrobiology, his space mission, astroids and the planets. Pretty neat stuff. I remember getting together with some friends after work to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. That was amazing! It didn't take very long before we took the moon missions for granted and now I hardly ever even think about the space station.

When I lived in Campbell, California before the moon landing I remember the ground shaking (and me too) and was told that the rockets were being tested. At first I had thought it was an earthquake, but the roaring noise was from the rocket. I wish I knew what rocket was fired and where the test happened.

I made more cranberry sauce for Kristine. Well, for me too. I love that stuff and Tom bought about 12 bags of cranberries to freeze. I asked him to buy them because these are the best cranberries. Much better than any I have seen before.

We still have plenty of chicken soup for dinner tomorrow

[3 eggs today]
I think one of them is from yesterday.
It rained on the feed yesterday
and I found out that the chickens
love wet soggy food.



Nancy K. said...

I put a three foot section of cattle panel in front of the door to my chicken barn so that my dogs can't go in and eat the chicken feed. It's funny ~ they don't bother the chickens but they sure love their feed and their POOP!


lisa said...

Mmmmmm cranberries! I love cranberry sauce! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Oh, I love homemade cranberry sauce! I wish I would have thought to stock up on the cranberries and freeze them. We've eaten all the sauce I canned this fall!

Becky's Barnyard said...

The gate is great; it looks like it is really working.

Callie said...

Nancy K: I wish I still had my cattle panel.

lisa: Think I will make some more cranberry sauce tomorrow. It is good.

Toni: I think you can buy frozen cranberries. I'll have to check.

Becky: The gate works great except when I forget to close it. Bad me!