Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yep! The leaves are finally off the trees and I can't wait to get myself together and get out there and move them around. I was curious about how the leaves let go and fell because some years there are leaves that hang on until Spring. The first article I found here told me more than I wanted to know. I liked my old idea of the leaves falling off and turning red and yellow because of frost damage. Oh, well, I suppose in years to come they will come up with new discoveries and this will change too.
The garage roof is one of the places where I will spend some time moving leaves. I really am glad that the leaves are down because some years the leaves keep falling and the roof gets another coat of leaves.

The chickens will be glad to get out tomorrow and so will Morgan. She went to the groomers today and looks so pretty and white. The sun is scheduled to shine tomorrow so my plan is for us all to get outside.

I didn't cook dinner because because there are still leftovers from Christmas and that chicken soup I made lasted until last night. Kristine doesn't like beans, but I am going to make a pot of beans and ham hocks. I'll have to make her something else. I have been thinking about the ham hocks, beans and cornbread I used to have when I was a kid and I'm giving in to the memory and making some. Hope they live up to what I remember. The recipe on the bag says to add onions and tomatoes, but I don't think I will. We used to put diced red onion on top of the beans when we served them and I don't remember ever having tomatoes or tomato sauce in the beans. Maybe next time. The beans are soaking overnight. I'm really going to do this. I think I will try cooking them in the dutch oven on the wood stove.

[0 eggs today]



lisa said...

Mmmmmm, sounds good and it will be delicous cooked from the stove!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Good luck with cooking the beans on the woodstove. You'll have to let us know how it turns out!

Chicken Boys said...

My grandmother loved Great Northerns, and we ate them a lot when I was a kid. My mom would make a pot of beans and potato salad seperately. But we would put the potato salad right in the beans and eat it that way. I might do that next week. Have a happy new year!!

Callie said...

lisa: The beans are good!

Toni: I will report in the new year.

Chicken Boys: I will have to try the Great Northern beans and making potato salad next year! Sounds great!