Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Myrtle in December

The myrtle is very happy and green. Every year I worry if the myrtle will survive the summer drought, but every year the myrtle hangs on and as soon as the first rain comes it revives and stands up tall. Amazing stuff. And look. No leaves. Everything else gets covered in leaves, but not the myrtle. I don't quite know what it does to avoid being smothered. It either grows around the leaves or through them or both? I have transplanted the myrtle along the driveway and in numerous other spots on the property, but this is the place it grow the best. This is the spot that gets just the right combination of sun and shade for it to flourish. The chickens don't seem to mess with the myrtle. I guess it doesn't taste good?

Kristine got hamburgers and fries for her and Tom for dinner. I had eggs and the leftover pancakes. We had used up all the real maple syrup (boy, I love that stuff) so I used honey. I like breakfast for dinner! I need to put buttermilk on the list and make some more pancakes to have available in the fridge for snacks (or dinner.)

There is something wrong with the Recent Comments on the Sidebar. All that shows up when I look is a white box. I reported it to Google. They asked. Blogger said they had added some code that may have messed with the gadget. Don't know. Well, we'll see what happens.

The movie watching and decorating isn't happening tonight. Tom and Kristine are watching Christmas shows on TV. Now I think they are watching Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. Ho, Ho, Ho. We will do the movie thing and decorating on the weekend? I'm going to watch a TV show on my computer (Ugly Betty) and later listen to a lecture on iTunes. Sometimes I get a better picture going through Hulu than using the ABC player.

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[2 eggs today]


lisa said...

I seem to always wait until the last minute to decorate! I debate on rather to do it because I have so much other stuff it seems to just disappear into the back ground anyway!

Callie said...

lisa: I know what you mean. Maybe this year I will leave some of the decorations out all year to enjoy. I hate how the season goes by so fast.

Chicken Boys said...

Mike and I have breakfast for dinner about once a week. We haven't had pancakes in a while, though. Sounds good. He put up some Christmas lights on the front and back porches last night. Looks good, too.!

DayPhoto said...

I think Christmas is one of the most beautiful time of the year! I just love it.


Callie said...

Chicken Boys: Lights! I haven't found the Christmas lights yet in the boxes. Maybe this weekend. Bet your lights look great.

Callie said...

DayPhoto: Yes, I agree! I like decorating and putting up the Christmas lights. It's like having a party for three plus weeks.