Monday, December 14, 2009

Baked Apples

Baked apples on the wood stove were on the menu again tonight and I remembered to take a photo. First I put down a double layer of foil to line the bottom of the dutch oven. Then I put in the steamer and placed the corning ware pan on top. I used to have a steamer with adjustable feet, but this one has metal pins that don't move and the lid just fits. I was thinking I could put down something else metal to hold a cake pan off the bottom and try baking a cake or muffins.

That is a big pot of water we keep on the stove to help keep the humidity up in the house. Otherwise, the air gets so dry we can get nosebleeds and sore throats. The big pot isn't pretty but it works. I'm going to keep my eye on the lookout for a new tea kettle that I can use on the wood stove and a pretty big pot. After Christmas sounds like a good time to check out the stores and see what is available.

My cute rooster tea kettle kinda got melted a bit on the wood stove, so I only use it now on the cook top. The rooster whistle was so cute but it melted and cracked and the handle is a bit peely now. I need an old fashioned copper kettle that would love to live on the wood stove. I remember seeing one I really liked that had a ceramic blue and white handle. I'd like to find one of those.

Today started out bright and sunny and then turned gray and dark, so I didn't go out or let the chickens out either. I did put some of their feed outside in the pen so they could hang out there if they wanted.

[0 eggs today}
Tom picked up some brown store bought eggs today.



lisa said...

We have a big enamal pan for water to keep the humidity in the house when using the wood cook stove!

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Callie, have you checked on EBay?
You can find anything on there! The apples sound heavenly! :)

Chicken Boys said...

Mmmm...Mmmmmm....they look absolutely delicious. Great for the cold weather, snow or not.

Callie said...

lisa: I have got to get one of those enamel steamer pans. Maybe a green one?

Callie said...

Carol: I don't order from EBay. Apples are good!

Callie said...

Chicken Boys: Baked apples are good anytime, that's for sure.