Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day For Night

I took this photo on the way to open the gate for Kristine this morning and remembered reading about how sometimes the movies shoot night scenes in the daytime. It is 8:30 in the morning! And the gate light is still lit! No wonder the chickens aren't laying any eggs if they can't tell when it's day or night. I think I will use the confusion as an excuse for why I feel sleepy. It is still raining.

Everything looks like it is covered with a layer of potato chips with just a touch of powdered sugar. We are supposed to have partly sunny days for awhile. Supposed to. I sure hope so, because I would like to get out and start moving those leaves around while they are still wet. I want to get raking soon because it is amazing how fast the sun can dry the leaves out which makes them harder to move en masse.

Kristine's last day of class for a while and final today. I'm glad she will have some free time. Maybe I can get her to blog? Post some photos? She said she will take me down the mountain to do some Christmas shopping. That will work. (I'll take my camera) At least I can spend some time window shopping and taking in the Christmas atmosphere. I think I really, really need to stop in at the quilt store. I could spend all my wreath money right there.

I miss reading Suzanne's blog and feel bad for her having to deal with a malware warning. I searched up some info here and sure hope I never have a hacker dump some code in my baby blog. All this malware stuff makes my head spin. I think if it happened to my blog I would just abandon it after a while if I couldn't find the problem. And since I don't know very much at all about finding bad code I'm pretty sure the whole thing would be a wash. Hackers and Spammers are such slime.

[no eggs today]
Hard to believe but one of the Australorps has gone broody.



diane said...

It will be nice to have Kristine home for a while.

Chicken Boys said...

Poor chickens. They probably hate it being dark all the time. I know I do. I was just saying so on my blog. It's just getting light when I go to work, and dark already when I get home. Here's to hoping for sunshine!

lisa said...

It is hard sometimes to know if you are looking at the daytime or nighttime scenes. Especially in the pictures!

John Gray said...

watch broodies in winter! they sucumm to the cold easily!!!

Callie said...

diane: Yes! She would love to go to Sydney to finish up her degree.

Callie said...

Chicken Boys: I do not do well in dark weather. I just want to sleep all the time.

Callie said...

lisa: Yes. It is tricky trying to figure it out.

Callie said...

John: Thanks for the tip. I will make sure she gets out of the nest box.