Friday, December 11, 2009


These could be balls of mistletoe hanging over the front gate, but sometimes I wonder if they could be squirrel nests. I'd rather go with mistletoe. Sometimes after a big storm blows through I have found little pieces of greenery that I think is mistletoe. I pick it up and get rid of it because I don't want to leave it laying around for Morgan or the chickens to find. Wish I could figure out how to get it out of the trees then I could make mistletoe wreaths.

The rain has not washed away all the snow and there is more snow due tomorrow if I can believe the forecast. Anyway, I am very, very glad to have the rain and the snow finally get everything wet! I have been looking forward to having the ground wet enough to sink a shovel in the dirt. California is in drought mode which I think is pretty much its natural condition.

Although I do remember some very wet years that lead to floods and lots of trouble. I would be happy to have a nice wet winter up here without the flooding, thank you. I guess I will have to move up the coast to Oregon or Washington to be able to have the wet stuff year round. Instead of worrying about stuff I think I will just enjoy listening to the rain. Sounds nice.

I burned the stew a bit tonight when the lentils soaked up all the water. That's what I get for not setting the timer and for setting the dutch oven directly on the top of the stove instead of on a trivit. It still tasted good.

I have been giving the chickens warm water to drink and giving them some grain along with their regular feed. Our chickens are supposed to do well in cold weather and they are doing fine except for the laying eggs part of the deal. Maybe when the snow is gone I will see some eggs?

[0 eggs today]
I told the hens they can go outside and play
as soon as it stops raining.


Nancy K. said...

I started out giving my chickens a treat every few days of whole oats, soaked in water and apple cider vinegar to which I added lentils, split peas, garlic and black oil sunflower seeds.

Now, that's ALL THEY EAT!!!

They never even touch their layer crumbles...

I guess they taught me!


The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

How many times have I done that with the casserole dish! Now I have a timer on a string that I can hang round my neck so I'll remember to check on it.

Tanya said...

I burned my chicken stew last night too. Tetsu wanted to know what the cripsy chunks of meat were. Actually it was the scrape off the bottom of the pot. Not too bad if you didn't really know. And I burned three loaves of persimmon bread too yesterday. I want to give up cooking.

Callie said...

Nancy K.: Sound like you have become a chef for your chickens. They sound very happy.

Callie said...

The Cottage Garden Farmer: I asked for one of those, but never got one. I'll put it on my Christmas list again.

Callie said...

Tanya: The French says the burned crunchy bits are the best... well, that's what I have read.