Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Cranberries

This is mandarin season up here and it is easy to find people selling big bags of mandarins. I love using mandarins because they are easy to peel, have no seeds and are sweet and juicy. I only had a small bag of cranberries and probably added too many mandarins. I love this stuff! Click here for Suzanne's recipe.
The recipe on the bag of cranberries called for one cup of water and one cup of sugar, but since the mandarins are so juicy I will consider reducing the water to a half cup and adding more if necessary. This batch has turned out a little soupy, but it tastes great!

I took the Recent Comments widget off the sidebar. Too bad it quit working. It was fun watching the comments appear. I hope google gets the code fixed.

Morgan got very sick last night after eating the organic chicken feed and Kristine was up all night with Morgan taking her in and out. Morgan didn't have bloat but she did have pain in her tummy. Poor baby. Morgan is better now, but we will have to be very careful she doesn't get in the feed again. I'm going to have to do some building and replace the chicken door the bear tore off the coop since Morgan can squeeze through there to get to the feed. This could be fun. I'll get to make a chicken size door that Morgan can't get past.

If you are voting for Suzanne click here. To check on voting click here. Only two more days of voting. Wonder if the judges will be wise enough to pick Suzanne.

[1 egg today]
Kristine brought home a new bag of organic chicken feed.


diane said...

Mmmm smells good!

John Gray said...

you should write a cook book!

Nancy K. said...

I'm glad that Morgan is going to be OK. I cut a cattle panel into small sections and use those in front of the doors to the chicken barn so the chickens and the cats can get in (that's where the cat food is kept) but the dogs can't. It works great!

Dawn said...

One small package of powdered gelatin will firm up your sauce really nicely. It looks nummy though.

Callie said...

diane: It does smell good and tastes even better.

Callie said...

John: No, I think you should write a cookbook!

Callie said...

Nancy K.: Thanks for the idea. I wish we still had our hog panels. I'll have to build something out of plywood.

Callie said...

Dawn. After the cranberries cooled in the fridge it all thickened up! Thanks.