Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slow Saturday

It was a slow day for the chickens too. There were only 5 eggs today and the chickens had to stay in their coop for most of the day, so I know they didn't sneak off and lay their eggs in the woods. Tom had some people over looking at cars he wanted to sell and the people had their dog running around the property, which meant we had to keep Morgan in and the chickens locked up. Tom brought these eggs in this afternoon after the people left. We are out of lay and are feeding raiser and corn so that may account for the decline in egg production. Jean gave me the pretty blue and white dishcloth. Latest I heard is that Jean is up and walking around using a walker! I keep meaning to call her every day and then forget. Bad me.
Here are a couple of invisible things. The wall decorations are from Dolores. I always liked them and this is a good place for them. They are out of the way as far as getting bumped and damaged and yet easily seen.
And these string game books have been around since the girls were young. They are fun to pick up and read or to play a string game. I can't believe we still have one of the strings that came with the books.

Kristine says she feels like she has razor blades in her throat. I'm still catching up on sleep, so we had a slow sleepy day. We both kept our computers busy. Kristine watched shows and I played games and listened to old time radio. Mostly Gildersleeve podcasts that I downloaded from iTunes. The computer games I like are pretty low key, games like: Games For The Brain, 6 Differences, puzzles and Mahjong.

[5 eggs today]


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