Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chair Chicken

Light Brahma on the chair, two Orpingtons, two Light Brahmas at the feeder, a Dark Brahma and a Wyandotte in the back on the left. The Light Brahma likes to sit on the chair, but doesn't like to have company. Of all the different chickens we have I like the Brahmas best. They have a very calm easy going temperament that make them a pleasure to be around. We really liked our Light Brahma rooster that Kristine named Brutus. He was so sweet and took such good care of the hens. He was protecting his hens one day when a coyote came by. Morgan wasn't out for some reason, but Tom was out cutting wood, but the coyote hopped over the fence anyway. Brutus was friendlier even than the Brahma hens. He was a very big chick which was why he ended up being called Brutus. He was a sweetie and we miss him. 
I had to go to the dentist today and have a filling fixed because I had worn the top off. So, I had the opportunity to take some more photos on the drive. I got the middle shot on the way home.
This shot I took from a parking lot. Usually you can't see the view because of all the trees along the roadway. We are supposed to be getting lightning and rain, but the only rain we have seen has been for five minutes today. And no lightning I'm happy to say!

[8 eggs today]

I really like this little chicken emoticon that Tristan sent me.
So, I adopted it for my blog.

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lisa said...

Love your chickens, and the scene from the parking lot.