Monday, June 22, 2009

Guest Post: The Culprit!!

This will probably look a bit different than the normal post, as Mom is in bed nursing what remains of her brain after three migraines struck inside a 24 hours period. Lovely is it not? So, I was asked to step in and do a post.

You may be asking what could have set off three migraines in a row, and others are possibly wondering what "The Culprit" means. Hopefully I'll answer both questions.

Mom hasn't been getting very many migraines lately, which is good. I'm afraid that its my fault she's got the migraine. You see, I paid good money to have my wisdom teeth removed (... i ask again, "I PAID FOR THIS???"), which consequently fell to not being able to eat much besides pudding, jello, yogurt and other extremely squishy food. Then I got a throat infection that keeps me on the afore mentioned squishy food, but it must be cold, as in ice cream, sherbet, popsicles, ice cream bars... etc. Thus we have many foods in the house we normally don't have available. Mom, I'm afraid has no will power when it comes to her sweet tooth. She fell afoul of the siren calls of said pudding, and ice cream. The pudding seemed not to bother her, but... well the ice cream is another story. We now know that it gives her migraines. I suspect the salt content is just a tad higher than she's able to handle.

So, I give you, The Culprit (along with me keeping her up for 3 days in a row... gee how I love guilt):

There you have it. Ice cream. Sherbet. Now watch me get sued for bad mouthing these brand names. Which technically I'm not doing by the way. They just tend to have lots of salt in them, and some people with certain conditions aren't able to deal with it. Personally I really like these products.

In case you're wondering, here is a mug shot of Mom's friendly foods that she eats all the time without any problems whatsoever.

In other news, there was a battle of the chickens this afternoon, which was very quiet, and we have no idea what started it. It was Light Brahma vs Buff Orpington and it was quite the smack down going on under a small pine tree. The proceedings went on for about a minute before HenRoo appeared on the scene and gave them both what-for. Both hens ran away from HenRoo in quick order, and HenRoo went and stood on one of many small boulder we've got laying around, puffed up her chest and I swear gave everyone within eye-shot a smarmy romance cover sneer. That chicken has issues.

I'd give an egg count, but Dad was the one who got the eggs today, and I have no idea if he counted as he wrestled the eggs away from the indignant hens.




The Old Gray Egg said...

Good job posting, Guest Poster. Now you have to get into the freezer and eat that ice cream before it causes any more damage. Wish I was there to help. It's a salty job, but somebody has to do it.

Lisa said...

I am with The Old Gray Egg, I would help you eat the ice cream if I lived closer!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I sure hope your mom starts feeling better quickly! I too get migraines and know how terrible they are. I love your chicken fight story! LOL I could see that one in my head!

lisa said...

I'm sorry, I hope she feels better soon, and I know how those migraines feel. I have to watch out for too much stress!!