Friday, June 05, 2009

Wood Fire in June

Cold today! I was standing at the slider looking out at the grey gloomy sky and clicking my nails on the slider glass. The hens heard the clicking and came running to the porch hoping to find some treats. Kristine accused me of teasing the girls. So, what could I do? I had to go get some lettuce to give them. That's Curly the Cochin on the left with the feathers on her feet. Even Morgan showed up, so I had to give her a doggie treat. I didn't know the chickens kept that close a watch on the slider. Surprise!
Like I said it is cold today. Cold enough that Tom fired up the wood stove so we could have some heat and I took advantage of the fire to heat up the stew I made yesterday. Seems that I am the only one eating dinner tonight. Kristine ate out when she was at a library meeting and Tom already ate also. I was going to put all the wood gear away for the summer, but I'm glad I was slow in getting to that job. We really need the fire because it is in the 50's and is going into the 40's tonight. 

Kristine said she was talking to a fellow who is in his 70's who has lived here all his life and he said he never saw a lightning storm like the ones we experienced on June 3rd. So, it was an uncommon event. Supposedly, the lightning is supposed to be over tonight. But it is not going to warm up very much.

Kristine got good news today. Her car was making terrible noises, but it was only a brake guard that got knocked up against something else and was rubbing it and making lots of noise. So glad it was not something that needed a costly repair. Yea! She has her car back.

[9 eggs today]


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