Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up and About!

Wow! I opened the carrier this morning and Henny Penny waited for a few moments and then walked out into the chicken pen. She scratched around a bit, ate some, laid down for a sun bath and then went about doing chicken stuff. I'm keeping a watch on her to see how she is doing, but so far so good. This is way better than the way I found her laying in the corner totally limp.

I'm making chicken soup so Kristine can have some broth if she wants. Then I can go to sleep for the day. Maybe I can post some more later.

[4 eggs so far]



lisa said...

Glad to hear that henny penny is doing good!!

Callie said...

Hi, Lisa:
Me too! I had to go to sleep this afternoon so I don't know how she was doing last night. Roosting? I'll check on her again in the morning.

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