Sunday, June 21, 2009

Collecting Eggs

When collecting eggs lately I find hens in the nest boxes who are all fluffed up and who don't have eggs under them. So, I'm trying to remember the fluffy feather business from last year and can't come up with any mental pictures of setting hens with fluffed feathers. They can't be cold as it is warm out. Tom brought in 10 eggs today! I guess the hens were saving them up?

I had already checked under the hens for eggs before I took this video. I just wanted to show how the girls usually arrange themselves. Sometimes there are two or three all sitting together.

Tom has been up on the roof working on the new antenna he installed. Kristine is still under the weather and I'm fighting off a cold. Thus not much in the way of blogging today. I can add ice cream to the list of stuff not to eat, because I got fortress lights twice now after eating it. Phooey!

Buff Brahma in the top and middle nest boxes and a Wyandotte, Orpington and another Wyandotte in the bottom.

[10 eggs today]



lisa said...

I sure do miss my layin hens. I found out that it was a fox that got our other hens. My husband saw it go right past our yard into the pines that is next to our pasture.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

i've wondered this same thing about my hen! So whats up with that ya think?