Sunday, June 07, 2009


The hen was still alive this morning when I let the chickens out of their coop. So, I moved the hen in the carrier back into the feed shed where it is warm all day. Today the hen drank water, she even spilled it a little and ate all the corn and some feed. Eating is a good sign. Then she turned herself around so she is facing the back of the carrier. ?
Tonight I moved the carrier back into the coop for the night so she can be locked up where critters can't get her. I would like to leave her in the feed shed but it is not safe. Too many openings that I can't close. I covered the carrier to help her retain her body heat. Hope she is doing better tomorrow morning. It is still cold, well, in the 50's tonight. I gave the hens some corn to help keep their energy and temperature level high.

I would like to just put her in one of the closed nest boxes but I am worried that the other hens might start pecking on her because she is weak. Don't want that!

[5 eggs today]
Having the weather go from the high 90's back to the 40's
has thrown the egg laying awry.


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Anonymous said...

Hope she is doing better and better with each passing day. good luck