Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is Curly the Cochin in the middle with her feathery feet, hanging out with two Buff Brahmas. Friends? They are moving around pretty fast scratching away, so it's fairly hard to catch them on camera.
This is a shot of Tom on the roof putting up a new antenna because the old one got clobbered by a branch. Gee, really? Most everything around here gets hit by a branch of one size or another sooner or later.

We cancelled our DTV. They kept raising the price! Phooey! Kristine and I watch tv on our computer screens using DSL and Tom is happy with the local channels that come free through the air, so, bye, bye DTV!

When the acorns are falling or the wind is blowing, Tom wears a hard hat when he takes his dog Lucky out for their walk. That stuff hurts since it is falling so far.

This is a pretty fast post because Kristine got her wisdom teeth pulled this morning and I'm playing nurse. I was so surprised when I got faint after she got home from the extraction. Maybe it was the medical odors or just seeing my daughter totally out of it? The sick chicken, Henney Penny, is doing much the same as yesterday. I have to check on her again and look for eggs. Have a great weekend!

[4 eggs today so far]
...where're my eggs?


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