Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dog Coop

There was a comment yesterday from Wilmoth Farms here that stated their chicken coop had been a dog pen. Well, I do wish I could spruce up my chicken coop a bit, but it was a dog pen also. My brother built two dog pens (see the two gates) and then turned the left side into a place for the chickens to hang out. Over the years, I changed things around. The nest boxes were along the back wall. I moved them into the middle and added the doors and windows. It works as a coop, but it is not beautiful. I would like beautiful.
The bears and skunks can walk around up there, but they haven't been able to get through the anchor fencing on the top or sides. Yet. The coop is very close to the house and so far someone has always been around to hear the noise and investigate before the critter has done any damage. Except for the times we forgot to lock the door.
I have laid the corrugated metal down around the perimeter of the pen to slow down a critter from digging into the pen. And I have dug down along the perimeter on the inside and buried pieces of metal ducting for the same purpose. I cut open the ducting and pressed it flat and nailed the top to the bottom of the fence. And then covered it all with dirt. I suppose a snake could come up in the middle of the pen, but it would take them a lot of tunneling.
I don't open the gate anymore as it is stuck in the dirt. I would like to take it off and rehang it so it opens out instead of into the pen. Then I could get the wheelbarrow in there and that would make my life easier. Here you can see the windows and doors I added. Amazing what you can find at garage sales and flea markets. I first got the idea to change the coop around when I found a metal door for ten dollars. Then I found the windows for fifty cents each. Kristine and I would like to expand the coop by covering the roof on the right side pen and adding a door so the chickens can use both sides.
This is the back of the chicken coop/dog pen. And what you see are a bunch of heating ducts that I am using as a noise trap. My neighbor did the same. When the bear knocks this stuff over it makes a terrific racket. If a bear ever got right up to the wall they could knock it down easily. The round thing is a dog house standing on its door. I was going to get rid of it, but then thought that if we do ever get some ducks or geese they might like it for a house? I could put straw in it for bedding. They might like it. Or, knowing my goofy chickens they would probably lay eggs in it.

My poor chickens don't have a lovely chicken coop, but they don't seem to mind. Mostly they are out in the woods with Morgan. I am the one who would like a beautiful chicken coop. I have seen some super chickens coops. One of the neatest coops I ever saw was decorated with stained glass windows all the way around. Wouldn't the bears like that! If I can find the link I'll put it here. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to beautify this coop someday? Or build another one? I do like that stained glass coop, but I think I would have to make a place inside it for the chickens to stay warm when it snows. Anyway, we have to do what we can and if we have to use a dog pen makeover, and scrap wood and stuff... it's OK!

I've posted about this dog coop before, but this is the first time I think I got most of the info in one post. Now I want to go out and remodel the chicken coop again. Paint? Stain? It needs a new roof for sure!

[8 eggs today]



lisa said...

I know what you mean about beautiful. I have a bunch of hurry up and put together sheds and buildings when there was a shortage of money and make do with what we have. When we built the barn, I told my husband that it is pretty bad when the barn is the best looking building on the place!!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Cool! Now I get a good look at it! We have a shed thats supposed to be converted to a coop...its old, floor is about gone and no windows...BUT it wont take much just a sawzaw and some elbow greese. i was going to use it for the goats, BUT I think if I split it up I can use it for both..I wonder if it will hurt the goats to be housed so close to chickens? Hmm will have to check on that. Then all I have to do is build the outside partition for the chickens....I'm glad I moved Pepper back to the barn to roost, something has been getting her eggs, I think a snake, seen some big holes in there, and the floor was covered in chicken wire!!!!! Oh well..she is not there now and putting the dog in at night so the coy dogs and coyotes dont get him! I'm glad you posted this! Gave me many ideas! As far as that stained glass chicken coop...I wouldnt be able to put the chickens in there, they would poop on it and its too pretty for poop! LOL When I'm rich...oh the things I'll do! :-)